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Owner of SwiftAthletics LLC

Your Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach!

What’s up! I’m Molly Swift

My journey into fitness started with a bodybuilder mom and three competitive older brothers, shaping my passion for training and sports, with a particular love for lacrosse. Spending my life obsessed with the gym and sports, I’ve transitioned that energy into helping others achieve their fitness goals.

I love helping my clients, whether they’re athletes working on strength, speed, and agility or someone on a weight-loss journey. Seeing positive changes each session isn’t just my job; it’s my passion.

Fitness, to me, is more than a routine; it’s a way of life. I’m here to make your fitness journey effective, sustainable, and enjoyable – an adventure, not a chore. Whether you’re new to the gym or a seasoned pro, I’m your friend and guide. Let’s create the body you dream of, both in the gym and in the kitchen. Let’s do this together!

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Beginner Program

(4,8,12 week programs available)

  • Learn the basics of weight lifting while simultaneously losing fat and gaining muscle.
  • 4 days/week

Progressive Bulking Program

(4,8,12 week programs available)

  • Build up your strength and overall muscle mass with this progressive training program.

Become an Athlete in just 8 Weeks

(8 weeks program available)

  • An 8 week program focusing on overall strength, speed, and agility to improve overall athleticism.

Get in touch with me if you’re interested in purchasing a program, and I will personally handle payments and send the program over to you individually.



Sarah M.

Molly is a game-changer! As a mom juggling work and family, I needed a fitness routine that fit my life.
Molly made every session feel like catching up with a friend, all while pushing me to be my best. Her personalized approach not only helped me shed pounds but made fitness a fun part of my day. Grateful for the positive energy she brings!



Jake L.

Working with Molly was a total win! I’ve had trainers before, but Molly’s mix of tough love and genuine encouragement made a world of difference. Her knack for adapting workouts to my goals kept me motivated. She’s not just a trainer; she’s your fitness partner, and the results speak for themselves.



Emily H.

I never thought I’d enjoy working out until I met Molly. Her upbeat personality turned each session into something to look forward to. What sets her apart is the personalized touch – she understands your goals and crafts workouts that suit you.



Alex B.

Molly gets it. Being someone who’s always found the gym intimidating, Molly made the whole experience approachable. Her patience and encouragement made me believe in myself. With her guidance, I’ve not only gained strength but also a new-found confidence. Molly is the real deal!



Jessica S.

Molly is so sweet and helpful! She doesn’t just focus on the physical – she cares about your well-being. Her workouts are challenging but achievable. What I appreciate most is her commitment to making fitness a part of my life, not just a routine.


Breeze S.

“Molly is an absolute game-changer as a personal trainer! Her expertise took me from being on the smaller side to an overall toned look with a bigger butt and stronger legs. She knows her stuff, and her workouts and explanations make all the difference. All I did was tell her my goals and she made it happen. If you’re serious about reaching your fitness goals, Molly is your go to trainer.”

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