CoreFIT 24/7 is not just any ordinary gym, sure we have weights and cardio equipment and you can “pick things up and put them down”, but the environment that our equipment is provided in is what sets us apart from the rest. All of our equipment is best in class and is noticeably smooth and adjustable to make for a safe and comfortable experience. The facility itself is cleaned and maintained daily by the owner and lead staff members and is done so with pride and detail. You will never come in to dirty locker rooms, bad smells or broken equipment. In fact, our equipment is routinely serviced every 3 months. We treat our members with pride and detail as well. We will know your name, we will become your friend and we will motivate you to achieve your goals during your time with us. We have an intense passion for our “work”, that is why when you step in our gym, and workout with our staff, you can bet it is going to be a top notch experience. But don’t take it from a website, mention that you read this and we will give you a day to check it out FREE for yourself, if you call ahead we will even have a trainer ready for you to make sure your first experience is as productive informative and fun as possible!