1. Personal Trainers Provide Accountability and Motivation


Your personal trainer will remind you to be accountable for your progress and fitness goals. He or she will help you reach these targets and also consider himself accountable for the results you’ll get out of the fitness plan he created. You can get this accountability from a committed friend who works out with you, but this is a personal trainer’s job. He or she has a vested interest in seeing that you finish your workouts and meet your fitness goals.

One of the reasons why a personal trainer is very valuable in your workout is because they can provide you with a sense of motivation.

Many times people get lazy when it comes to their exercise routines. For instance, someone could start off going to the gym five times a week. After a couple of weeks, they start slacking off and now only go to the gym once a week or twice a month. The reason is not because they no longer want to lose weight and be fit, but because they’ve already lost the drive and motivation to continue what they’ve started. A personal trainer can ensure that things like this don’t happen. They would be there to push you to work out even if you don’t feel like it.


Money spent is also great motivation to work out. Do you really intend to pay for something that which you’ll not make the most of? Also, if you’re paying for a personal trainer, would you just slack off?

A personal trainer can provide accountability. Sometimes, individuals cannot only lose motivation; they could just plain give up. It’s maybe because they’ve lost interest or they aren’t seeing the results they’ve expected. Thus, they no longer care. Consequently, they skip exercise days or they may tend to take unhealthy foods and lead unhealthy lives. But if there was someone there to hold them accountable, it wouldn’t be so easy for them to give up. That’s because a person like a personal trainer really monitors their clients’ progress.

Encouragement is also provided by personal trainers along with providing accountability and motivation. Some may consider that friends and family members can provide these things but this isn’t always the situation. Many times, they are preoccupied with their own lives and the issues that come with it. So, they do not actually have the time, patience or focus on the weight loss of others. In some cases, they may even be consumed with their own weight loss plans.